Technical Intern | Beaudry Interactive

Technical Intern (May 2018—Present)

Since last May I have had the pleasure of working for Beaudry Interactive, an entertainment company specializing in physical and digital interactives. I’ve gotten to work on a lot of neat electronics projects there, participate in R&D, program digital games, and more. I am a lot stronger of a creator because of them!

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The project that I’ve been working on since starting here in May is finally public, meaning I can actually give examples! For the new Sesame Street Land opening up in Seaworld Orlando, our company designed and built all of the “Interactive Play” elements, which can be viewed here.

Of those, I researched the technology and built the vast majority of “Bike Shop Tricycle Challenge,” did initial designs for “Laundromat,” and helped with the physical tech of “Yip Yip’s Mail Slot,” “Cookie Monster’s Foodie Truck Challenge,” and “Oscar’s Trash Can.”

You can view more of our work on our website here.