“Museum for Millennials” | The Great Company


Experience and Interaction Designer (Sept 2017—Present)

The “Museum for Millennials” project started as part of a Themed Entertainment class in Fall 2017, where some classmates and I originally developed the idea. We took the concept from initial brainstorming to a formal pitch presentation over the course of the class. As of Spring 2018, we are currently collaborating with The Great Company to polish the idea and attempt to have it built.

My role as an experience and interaction designer is to make sure that the various interactives in the museum are educational, simplistic, and accessible. I am prototyping the proposed interactives using Arduino technology and the Unity game engine to test their feasibility and demonstrate them to the rest of the team.

I am unable to post any detailed information about the project online at this time, but one of the Unity prototypes I made to demonstrate “cleaning” a painting is available here (Win/Mac).